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Caldwell Chats: NFTs and IP Implications

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April 1, 2022
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April 7, 2022

NFTs and IP Implications


Increased Presence and Impact

NFTs are taking investors, news, and intellectual property by storm. However, what exactly are they and how should you avoid scamming derivatives?

Learn more about NFTs and how their increased prevalence has impacted intellectual property. Listen to Director of Marketing and Creative Services, Eyob Yohannes, Patent Attorney, Ed Mantilla, and The IP Law Professor, Tony Iliakostas discuss the matter on our most recent Caldwell Chats.

About The IP Professor:

Anthony Iliakostas is an Adjunct Professor at New York Law. Check out his Instagram page and New York Law profile.


Caldwell Chats:

Caldwell Chats is a fireside chat series centered around emerging trends and hot topics in innovation. We have the inside scoop and want to share it. Working alongside pioneering business leaders and cutting-edge machinery and methods, our team members are witness to the next generation of tech shaping the future. We regularly invite top executives from a variety of industries to pick their brain on the latest innovations and IP matters. Our mission is to inform, guide and inspire innovators through this series.

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