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About Our Firm

We are a firm that specializes in helping our clients get from conceiving their innovation to protecting it with an eye toward monetization options.  Caldwell IP Law has locations in Boston, MA, San Francisco, CA, and Burlington, VT.

 We handle an array of IP matters – including patent prosecution, portfolio analysis, due diligence, claim charts, and USPTO litigation – for clients ranging from startups to established companies, venture capital firms, and research universities and hospitals.

Caldwell IP’s practitioners and professionals collectively offer targeted insight and expertise and serve as an invaluable resource to Caldwell IP’s clients that have come to rely on the firm’s uniquely qualified experts, can-do attitude, and personalized service to help them win.

We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations when it comes to responsiveness, accessibility, and personal attention, often providing off-the-clock assistance and education to support their strategic goals.

Our Clients

Our clients range from startups to industry leaders who expect personal attention, cost-consciousness, and rigorous attention to detail.

We regularly work with business leaders, marketing professionals, scientists and technicians at our clients’ companies. With regular visits to domestic and foreign clients, and practitioners fluent in multiple languages, we communicate effectively with clients around the world. We also welcome client trainees, to familiarize them with the USPTO legal system, culture, and business methods.

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