Meet Caldwell’s New Litigation Practice Group Director

Caldwell’s Litigation Practice Group

We are pleased to introduce Andrew Alexander, who joined Caldwell earlier this year to lead the litigation practice group. A magna cum laude juris doctor graduate and former federal judicial clerk, Andrew’s career has focused on intellectual property and complex commercial litigation. He has successfully represented businesses and individuals across many industry sectors as both plaintiffs and defendants in federal trial and appellate courts. Andrew has also represented corporations as outside counsel for antitrust, anti-corruption, contracting, licensing, and corporate matters.

About Andrew

Andrew has already earned several federal court victories in 2022—including securing a reversal at the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit that directly resulted in judgment in his client’s favor. He also won a full dismissal in a trademark infringement case in federal district court. Most recently, Andrew achieved a favorable resolution for a patent owner in an infringement suit that resulted in a damages payment and a license for future use of the patent on favorable terms. He has also helped clients secure favorable patent licensing terms through litigation and pre-litigation efforts.

At Caldwell, Andrew leads the litigation team in patent and other intellectual property and commercial litigation, licensing, contracting, and corporate matters. Andrew’s breadth of experience, expertise, and success are a tremendous asset to all Caldwell clients.

Reach out to Andrew to discuss any litigation, patent enforcement, and licensing issues: [email protected]