Meet Edgardo Mantilla

Meet the Caldwell Team:

Edgardo Mantilla is a Patent Attorney who heads our Post Grant Proceedings Practice which has a stellar track record this year with 100% favorable outcomes of administrative proceedings at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. Ed also deals with District Court litigation matters, copyright infringement, and patent prosecution.


Ed Mantilla: We should do this every day.

Eyob Yohannes: Yeah, you’re in showbiz, kid.

Ed: Yeah there you go.

What is your favorite part about Caldwell IP’s work culture?

My favorite part of working here is that I see a lot of very, very you know, creative and smart people that I work with with a lot of new technology. I’m a chemist, but I get to see things like in many, many different technological areas. And I just love that. I love the creativity and ingenuity of people that we work with. Not only the inventors that I work with, but also the the team here at Caldwell.

What is your profession and what are your day-to-day tasks?

As a patent attorney, I do a variety of things here at the firm. I’m involved with patent prosecution, application drafting, litigation, I’m also the director of the PTAB practice, or the patent trials and appeals board practice. I’m also, the lead of the copyright practice as well. And I get to do a lot of things during my day, it could be all of them or some of them.

What kind of fields do you work in?

I’m a chemist, and that’s what I’ve been practicing for almost 12 years. But I also have, I’m practicing in areas such as software inventions, artificial intelligence, a lot of mechanical applications as well. And so that’s it’s just a gambit of many, many things.

How does your work with inventors impact the world?

Well, I think working with inventors is is key to the success of, not only the United States economy, but also the our creativity – generating inventions to help others, help people help our nation, help the world.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I am, I guess, a cook. I love to cook. I am avid barbecuer – griller – whichever word works best. My backyard is just full of grills. I love to cook outside, especially in the summer, although I’m known to cook in the winter as well. And I just love the, you know, that’s my lab. I’m a chemist, so that’s my lab.

What do you hope to be doing in 10 years’ time?

I’d love to do what I do now. Help others just move, move the inventions forward. Help people realize their dreams. That’s what I love to do. I love to see smiles once the patent is granted or a copyright is granted and I’d just love to keep doing that now forever.

What’s the best part about working at Caldwell?

The best part of working here, it’s truly the family environment that we have here. We help each other as always. We are always there for anybody that needs our help, not only in the office, but outside the office. I think that just to have a family here and a family at home is always the best feeling. And I think it’s hard to match that anywhere else.

Best memory at Caldwell?

One of the funnest memories of working here was filming the Inc. video. Everybody pulled together and had a really, really great time, and it shows the type of people that work here, and that’s how much of a family we have here.

Directed by Eyob Yohannes, Alex Smith, and Leon Grinis