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Patent Office Litigation & Post-Grant Procedures

Innovation is the source of value in modern commerce, and the exclusive right to practice those ideas is the currency.

Caldwell IP post-grant practitioners are tirelessly ambitious. With ramrod straight strategies, we aim to recover high-profile to modest patent portfolios made subject to post-grant disputes.

During the patent process, our practitioners develop close working relationships with the innovators at your company. Through this collaboration, we explore the potential applications of the new technology or idea. The process also reveals the technological and financial ramifications of the patents, not only to your company but also to the industry as a whole. We emphasize claim construction with the goal of providing the broadest protection possible under federal law.

Caldwell IP practitioners combine skilled patent prosecution expertise with an in-depth understanding of post-grant proceedings to help our clients win. Our combination of experience allows us to develop a comprehensive strategy that considers the impact of PTAB proceedings. We are well suited to handle PTAB and Patent Office proceedings across disparate industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, biofuels, medical devices, data security, internet technologies, process automation, mobile apps, social media, software and space exploration, among others. Caldwell IP is well-positioned to advise clients on the strategic use of post-grant proceedings.

Post-grant proceedings can provide companies with an alternative to federal court litigation. Our post-grant practice includes inter partes review (IPR) proceedings, covered business method review (CBM) proceedings, post-grant review (PGR) proceedings, inter partes and ex parte reexams, supplemental examination, and derivation procedures. These proceedings provide companies with several mechanisms for challenging the validity of U.S. patents.

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