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Patent Portfolio Strategy & Management

Innovation is the source of value in modern commerce, and the exclusive right to practice those ideas is the currency.

We help our clients by strategically managing their patent portfolios. Working closely with stakeholders, we combine a keen awareness of the importance of each application to their portfolio and plans with knowledge of the risks attendant to marketing inventions. We analyze the state of the art to aid our clients in deciding whether to pursue patent protection, and to shape prosecution strategy.

When formulating a patent strategy, the business and technological objectives of our client are as important as the legal considerations. For instance, a client looking to license the technology will require a patent prosecution strategy different from that of a client seeking to prevent competitors from copying its technology. We can also assist to develop patent positions for venture-funded clients to strengthen fund-raising, IPO, or buy-out efforts. We listen to your needs and help you execute a winning strategy.

Our comprehensive services include monitoring and analyzing competitor patents and patent portfolios to add a forward-looking, proactive element to a portfolio management strategy. In the modern competitive patent landscape, it is more important than ever to monitor and quickly adapt to the patents and pending applications of your competitors. Patent monitoring used in combination with the latest tools and technology helps us move our clients into a new era of patent law.

Our professionals survey the competitive landscape by investigating and analyzing the patent portfolios of our clients’ competitors, enabling our clients to plan their long-term portfolio strategy in an informed manner. We offer a full range of post-grant services and manage portfolios of our clients granted patents. We work directly with clients to ensure that ongoing annuities and maintenance fees are systematically evaluated and timely paid.

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