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Patent Prosecution

Innovation is the source of value in modern commerce, and the exclusive right to practice those ideas is the currency.

Our patent professionals work with clients ranging from early-stage start-ups to world-leading brands to analyze, prepare, protect, and monetize their inventions. We communicate carefully with inventors to understand their inventions as well as their priorities, and help them to develop strategies to obtain significant patent protection for inventions that are commercially important to them. To do so, we analyze scientific or technological innovations and potential conflict space to develop rigorous patent application approaches that obtain the broadest protection possible. Our patent professionals study the constantly evolving state of patent jurisprudence and regulation and combine that with their experience in negotiating with examiners to gain strong positions, valuable patents.

During the patent process, our practitioners develop close working relationships with the innovators at your company. Through this collaboration, we explore the potential applications of the new technology or idea. The process also reveals the technological and financial ramifications of the patents, not only to your company but also to the industry as a whole. We emphasize claim construction with the goal of providing the broadest protection possible under federal law.

Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)

As the world economy becomes increasingly interconnected, products travel fast, and ideas travel faster. A judiciously chosen plan for international and foreign patent protection is indispensable. Using our network of foreign firms and our firm understanding of international patent procedures, we work with our clients to develop a cost-effective strategy that maximizes the value of their innovation in the global economy. We augment this approach by following patent law developments around the world, and by aiding inventors from around the world in achieving patent protection in the United States.

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