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Biotechnology Intellectual Property Law

Innovation is the source of value in modern commerce, and the exclusive right to practice those ideas is the currency.

Caldwell IP’s expertise in patent prosecution is an invaluable asset to our clients in the biotechnology space. Generally, discoveries in biotechnologies require in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and creating defensible patents for these discoveries requires no less. Caldwell IP has a team including PhD professionals with years of research experience. Our in-depth technical expertise and real world research experience at some of the world’s most advanced laboratories, is beneficial to our clients in many ways, especially when securing high-quality patent protection.

At Caldwell IP, we appreciate patents and patent portfolios as a major asset to any biotechnology company and realize defensible patent protection is a necessity to our clients. Defensible patent protection starts with IP professionals who understand the relevant technologies and legal requirements, and, with this in mind, our team of professionals have training and experience relevant to various biotechnology industries.

At our firm, we recognize that innovations in biotechnology can have a global impact. The advancement in this field is not often geographically confined but frequently have a use or impact in other parts of the world. Thus, it is paramount to acquire worldwide patent protection for these innovations. Caldwell IP has experience assisting clients who seek international patent protection.

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