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Chemical & Nanotechnology Intellectual Property Law

Innovation is the source of value in modern commerce, and the exclusive right to practice those ideas is the currency.

Protecting chemical & nanotech innovations through patents in the United States demands more than the ability to describe a formula, structure or reaction. Broad knowledge of the field is essential, including an understanding of the underlying processes, reactions, interactions, materials and compositions.

At Caldwell IP, we believe the key to developing a strong patent portfolio is having technically strong individuals work on it. Our chemical & nanotech patent practitioners not only have the legal expertise but they also have the substantive research and scientific background to create winning patent strategies for our clients. Our professionals have degrees in chemistry and biomedical science, and their research experience covers a wide range of disciplines, including, organic and physical chemistry, catalysis, materials science, electrochemistry, chemical engineering and others. This experience coupled with relevant experience working for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, offers our clients the insights needed to convert innovation to success.

At our firm, we recognize that innovations in biotechnology can have a global impact. The advancement in this field is not often geographically confined but frequently have a use or impact in other parts of the world. Thus, it is paramount to acquire worldwide patent protection for these innovations. Caldwell IP has experience assisting clients who seek international patent protection.

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