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Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property Law

Innovation is the source of value in modern commerce, and the exclusive right to practice those ideas is the currency.

At Caldwell Intellectual Property, we understand the time and valuable resources it takes to develop a new drug and therefore believe obtaining a broad-scope, defensible patent protection for any new pharmaceutical is paramount for pharmaceutical companies. When obtaining proper patent protection for pharmaceutical innovations, it is critical to have patent professionals who are not only well versed in chemistry and biomedical sciences but also are experienced in patent preparation and prosecution.

At Caldwell, we understand that intellectual property is a major asset to any pharmaceutical company and that the best patent protection is a necessity to our clients. Our team of Ph.D. and other science professionals have training relevant to the pharmaceutical industry and prosecution of pharmaceutical patent applications. Our professionals have research or industry experience and our expertise covers a range of disciplines, including organic and medicinal chemistry, physical chemistry, theoretical chemistry, computational chemistry, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, molecular modeling, molecular dynamics/simulations, genetics, biochemistry, immunology, and biology.

In addition to our remarkable technical expertise, we are also experienced in securing patent protection for our clients in various countries. Pharmaceutical patent prosecution needs a well-thought out plan that considers the length of time and costs associated with drug development. Each of clients receives our top patent prosecution services and it is one of our priorities to get the most out of each innovation with our winning patent prosecution strategies.

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